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Providing Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting Services

To The Construction Industry and More

Diamond Drilling Contractors Northampton

We're often asked what the key advantages of diamond drilling are. Happily, as one of the leading diamond drilling contractors in Northampton, we're expertly placed to explain.

So, if you're thinking about utilizing this specialist technique on your project, but aren't sure exactly what benefits it could deliver, here are a few stand-out points:





Super Strength

Why do we use diamond? Because it's the hardest mineral in the world. And with diamond core drilling, the diamond is built into the drill bit – meaning we can cut through very strong material, like concrete and brick, easily and accurately. Of course, this also requires a high level of skill, and our 25-year history as diamond core drilling contractors in Northampton enables us to use these specialist tools in a safe, efficient manner.

Expert Precision

Diamond drilling can be used to create a range of hole sizes, with a neat, precise finish. Depending on the project, different methods can be used, achieve the result you need. Where a large or irregular opening is required, for instance, we can use stitch drilling – an overlapping technique that lets us remove as much material as required, with an extremely high degree of precision.


Diamond drilling is exceedingly versatile and along with stitch drilling, we can provide horizontal and angled drilling, inverted drilling, and standard drilling. No matter what your project demands, we can shape our service to match. We've delivered all sorts of diamond drilling in Northampton, and nationwide, for clients ranging from small general builders to leading UK construction and civil engineering companies. But we work with private house owners and factory owners, too. Our technique can lend itself to projects of many types.

Less Disruption

Using the strongest naturally-occurring material to drill with might sound intense but its actually a lot more subtle than you think. Diamond core drills spin so fast that they are virtually vibration-free. Not only does this make them a lot quieter than pneumatic drills but it also avoids surrounding structures being damaged. So, you have less noise and maintain structural integrity – but you also cut out a lot of mess. Depending on the project, we'll either use a wet or a dry drilling system. Wet drilling involves pumping water through the system to cool it but also stops dust from escaping into the environment.  Of course, even when dry drilling is necessary, professional diamond drilling companies like ours have measures in place to prevent worksites from becoming contaminated.

There are a host of reasons to opt for diamond drilling on your project – those set out in this blog but lots more besides. If you'd like to find out more or to talk through a specific requirement with us, our expert team will be happy to help. We are the go-to drilling contactors in Northampton and beyond. Contact us today.

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"We have recently contacted C R Core Drilling to undertake several items of work for us on a very large project.  We have found them to be very professional in all aspects of their works.

This commences from the outset in the commercial aspect, following on with the actual contracted works where the site team is very H&S conscious, helpful, clean & tidy, very professional and deliver a very high standard quality of work.

The after care in closing out the works is also undertaken in a very professional manner too.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires any core drilling works to be undertaken"

Peter Tester - Project Manager


It's been a true pleasure to deal with C R Core Drilling.

They are always upbeat and positive in every situation no matter how demanding.

Their professionalism on site is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending them"

Ian Davies -

Senior Buyer

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