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Track Sawing


What is Track Sawing and why is it used?

The use of Track Sawing is an ideal solution when it is necessary to achieve deep saw cuts especially when  vertical or horizontal  cutting is required through concrete to create stairwells,  door ways and windows.  As the name suggests a Track Saw operates while being guided by tracks of the length required.  This allows for strict precision.

They are a practical and viable alternative when Floor Saws and Hand Saws are not suitable for the project to be undertaken.

Track Saws are electric powered, so no omission of fumes.  A perfect solution when work need to be carried out in an area of a sensitive nature or where other personnel will be working close by such as a live warehouse.

Track Sawing has key features that make it the perfect solution - it has precise cutting, it is relatively fast, efficient and versatile, being electric is is fume free, great cutting depth, can be used horizontal, vertical and inverted, ability to be used via remote control for safer operation and easy to transport making it suitable for use in many locations.

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