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What is Chasing and why is it used?

The use of Chasing is an ideal operation to perform when an area needs to be cut but to a limited depth and not penetrate the entire depth.  Ideal for use in confined spaces too.

Chasing is conducted using a Chasing machine which can be set to cut at a required depth and width.  These are fitted with dust extraction units to prevent the dust particles escaping into the surrounding environment.

Chasing is used to cut channels in to walls and floors where the end result is often used to hide electrical cables and pipes.  The other main reason for chasing is to create boxes for electric sockets or operational panels.

Chasing has key features that make it the perfect solution - it is quick and relatively non-vibrational,  relatively low noise omission, no dust creation, less debris production, equipment is lightweight and portable and it also allows for work to be conducted in confined spaces.

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