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At C R Core Drilling we understand that Health and Safety should be the forefront of any operations to be embarked upon.  It is important to us and our clients.

Health and Safety within our daily operations is a priority for us at C R Core Drilling.  A project of any scale has many aspects of Health and Safety to consider not just within a specific task.

All personnel on the project site (not just our operatives) need to be considered when it comes to Health and Safety.  Heath and Safety starts from the moment a steel toe boot sets foot on the working site.  Consideration for other trades, our clients workforce, site visitors and the general public must all be accounted for.

Before the commencement of any works take place, C R Core Drilling provide details and site specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments in line with the Health and Safety 1974 act and the regulations that they require Where possible we attend site to assess and gain a clearer prospective of potential hazards/risks, where this is not possible we liaise with our clients Site Managers/Site Agents/Inhouse Health and Safety to ensure that all aspects are covered to meet their requirements and specifications.  No two clients are the same and it is dangerous to assume that each site will require the same working methods.  C R Core Drilling Method Statements and Risk Assessments must be read and signed by C R Core Drilling Operatives attending site before embarking upon their operation of work.

In addition to C R Core Drillings' own Method Statements and Risk Assessments all Operatives are instructed that they are to adhere to any working statements provided by the client.  These procedures are in place to protect us all.

In regards to Covid 19 we have kept aspects of the procedures within our Method Statements and Risk Assessments.  Why?  It seems unfortunately Covid 19 is here to stay and while as a nation we have to learn to live with this virus we still need to understand that we have an obligation to protect ourselves and others.  With the continuation of cases spiking and lowering, evolving variations of the virus the needs and protection of us all still need to be accounted for.

When attending site all C R Core Drilling Operatives are instructed that it is mandatory to attend any and all Site Inductions/Briefings as required by the client.

C R Core Drilling are also able to provide PPE records and Tool Box Talks if required.  

All C R Core Drilling Operatives are issued with full Personal Protective Equipment including Steel Toe Safety Boots, Impact Protective Glasses/Googles, Ear Defenders, Hard Hat, Face Fit Masks, FFP3 Masks, Safety Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Sign Written Hi -Vis Vest (Yellow and Orange), Sign Written Hi Vis Jackets (Yellow and Orange) and Hi Vis Trousers (Yellow and Orange) as standard.

PPE must be worn at all times by C R Core Drilling Operatives while on site - unless there are safe areas such a hygiene rooms where they are permitted by site to remove them.

C R Core Drilling have all required policies from Health and Safety, Terms and Conditions, Anti Bribery, Coshh, Environmental etc in place that are reviewed every 3 months and update according to legislation. 



C R Core Drilling hold £10,000,000 Employers Liability Insurance along with £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.  C R Core Drilling also hold Contractors All Risk Insurance and Hired In Plant Insurance.

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