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Diamond Drilling

What is Diamond Drilling and why do you need it?

By using the Diamond Drilling technique we can drill through almost every type of brick, concrete, stone and asphalt etc...  It is a relatively  quick and clean operation.  Drilling can be slowed down by the presence of excessive rebar.

Drilling form 7mm to 1500mm diameter to a variety of depths  with the use of various barrel lengths and barrel extension rods.

We are able to conduct horizontal, vertical, angled and inverted drilling which are all water feed for a dust free environment.

In sensitive areas where water cannot be used  to eliminate dust then a dust extraction unit is connected to the drill.  

Diamond drilling is a quick and reliable way to prepare areas of a project for  Mechanical and Electrical Services, Pipe Work, Other Cables, Conduits and Ventilation Systems.

Diamond Drilling has key features that make it the perfect solution - it is quick and relatively non-vibrational, non-destructive (preventing structural damage), relatively low noise omission, no dust creation, less debris production, equipment is lightweight and portable and it also allows for work to be conducted in confined spaces.



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