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Floor Sawing

What is Floor Sawing and why  do we use it?

Floor Sawing is used when large areas of floors need to be removed or repaired along with cutting expansion joints, drainage channels, trenches and numerous other reasons.

Floor Saws use blades that have the ability to cut depths of various dimensions, also allowing for areas of a slab that does not require the entire depth to be removed.  Producing uniform cuts both width and depth through various materials such as reinforced concrete and asphalt.

Floor Saws are powered various ways including petrol, diesel and electric.  This allows for the ability to be used both internally and externally and within live working areas such as factories.

Floor Sawing  has key features that make it the perfect solution - it is quick and precise,  relatively low vibrations,  relatively low noise omission, no dust creation, offers various blade sizes to suit most projects, various power sourced options, used to remove large areas of concrete and the ability to be used internally and externally.  The only con of floor sawing it that due to blade sizes overcuts of an area can occur however this is eliminated via the use of diamond drilled corner holes.



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