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Over Drilling


What is Overdrilling and why is it used?

The use of Overdrilling is exactly what its name suggests.  It is the process of using a larger size diameter diamond drill bit that is placed over the an area that is slightly smaller and overdrilling to the depth needed to be able to remove the obstruction. 


It is commonly used to remove bolts/studs that have been cut off in warehouses/factory floors.  By Overdrilling these obstructions the area is left clean and debris free to allow for easy refilling.  It also allows for a more accurate calculation for the material required to refill the core holes.  Overdrilling is also an operation used to drill a larger core hole when one is already in place but to small to accommodate the cables, conduits etc it was intended for.

Overdrilling is conducted in the same manner as standard Diamond Drilling - either by use of a drilling rig and motor or a handheld diamond drill. 

Overdrilling has key features that make it the perfect solution - it is quick and relatively non-vibrational,  relatively low noise omission, no dust creation, less debris production, equipment is lightweight and portable and it also allows for a more accurate calculation of refill material.

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