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Hand Sawing

What is Hand Sawing and why is it used?

The use of hand sawing is an ideal operation to perform when an area needs to be cut that a floor saw or track saw just is not viable.  Ideal for use in confined spaces too.

Hand Sawing offers several options from Ring Saw where the blade is open and allows greater depth compared to other hand saws such as solid saws.  

Hand Sawing is the perfect operation to use when areas need cutting such as door ways when access limits use of other saws.  Cutting areas for small drainage ducts and numerous other operations.

Hand Saws come in a variety of power sources including electric, petrol and diesel.

Hand Sawing has key features that make it the perfect solution - it is quick and relatively non-vibrational, non-destructive (preventing structural damage), relatively low noise omission, no dust creation, less debris production, equipment is lightweight and portable and it also allows for work to be conducted in confined spaces.



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