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What Is Diamond Drilling?

Here at C R Core Drilling, we are experts in delivering the best diamond drilling services to a range of clientele. For our readers who are unsure about what exactly to expect or if you just would like to know exactly what it is. We would like to provide our readers with a rundown of what is diamond drilling. We want everyone to understand how beneficial the use of these drills can be to a variety of projects. So, all our clientele can make an informed decision on the best practices to complete their individual projects.

A diamond core drill is a powerful form of drilling that offers a precise and neat finish. We can achieve this because of a few factors, but the main one is the use of diamonds within the drill bit. As the strongest naturally forming mineral, the strength provided using this mineral enables the ability to create incredibly clean and accurate drill work, producing a range of hole sizes. Another factor is the person who is operating the machine. Every individual that operates these machines needs to be a trained professional with an in-depth understanding of health and safety and correct operation processes. In addition, the drill bit is also hollow, which allows water to be pumped through accomplishing a cooling effect and a reduction in dust.

The process is highly adaptable and can be applied to many tough surfaces. The most common request is for our diamond concrete drilling services. This is because the high-speed drill bit is quiet and non-percussive, which reduces the risk of damage. Despite concrete being the most common application, we can put the drill to use on glass, metal, tile and much more. Any surface where you want to avoid the risk of cracks and damage is suitable. Additionally, it can be applied in a range of situations, including confined spaces, inverted, angled and horizontal and more. So, if you are aiming for minimal disruption, dust, debris, and significant vibration and noise reduction, this is an excellent option. If you have any doubts, our team can offer advice on the suitability of this equipment for your project.

There are many diamond drilling companies out there providing these services. We believe that what sets us apart from the rest is our over 25 years of dedication to delivering expert drill workmanship. Our team has applied their combined experience and expertise to provide services that are of the highest standard. For a bit more understanding of our portfolio of work, you can read our testimonials and view our gallery.

We hope that our readers have a better understanding of all the benefits our services can provide. For more information on our services or for enquiries, please contact our team today. Our passion for what we do means that we are always happy to hear from you and discuss your requirements. We are your go-to diamond drilling contractors to get your project completed safely and efficiently.

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