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How is Diamond Drilling Used in Construction?

When you think of the word ‘diamonds’, what comes to mind? For most people the first thought is a clear stone that sparkles beautifully. Perhaps you are imaging a shining, glinting pair of earrings, an engagement ring, or something similar. That is how many people think of diamonds. But at C R Core Drilling, we use diamonds in a completely different way – for precision drilling operations.

What is diamond drilling?

This process is very simple – we bore holes using high speed, precision equipment and tool bits that are tipped with diamond. The mineral tips are perfect for all types of construction projects. This is because diamond is the hardest mineral in the world. Mineral hardness is rated on a scale called Mohs Scale, which runs from 1 to 10. Diamond rates an impressive 10 out of 10 on this scale, because there is nothing harder. Why does that matter? Simply put, whatever you need drilling, whether it is concrete, brick or something else, will not be as hard as the tip of this drill bit, unlike alternative materials which might quickly blunt or break under the pressure.

How is this process used in construction projects?

Many construction sites require drilling, and that is where our team of specialists comes in. There are several reasons why companies want our team on site, but the most common three are:

  • Boring a hole through which a wire, cable or bar can be passed. If you need access through a solid floor or wall, this is likely the most effective option.

  • Cutting out a section of concrete. Using a method called stitch drilling, where lots of small holes are used to make a cutting line, large, precisely marked sections of concrete and other materials can be removed in a controlled way.

  • Drilling recesses or socket. If you need to be able to set a building element into a wall or a floor, our specialist processes may be the best option you can choose.

What types of companies use diamond drilling?

In short, any companies that are carrying out construction, refurbishment, installation, demolition or restoration work are likely to need our diamond drilling services. After all, any of these roles might lead to you needing to remove masonry or concrete or to create a precise hole. Any time that you have these types of projects and need fast, precise work, call our team.

Why is diamond drilling better than other techniques?

It is true that there are other options, such as drill bits without diamond tips. But our processes are the best choice for several practical reasons. One is that our core drills turn so fast that they are almost entirely vibration free. The benefit of this is that they are much quieter and less noticeable through nearby walls. This is great if you have neighbours, as loud, vibrating building work can soon lead to tensions. Another advantage is that this is a high precision method that is quick, meaning that you save time and money compared to slower, less effective options. It also produces less dust on site. This is because we often do wet drilling, pumping water into the drill site. This prevents clouds of dust and keeps the site cleaner and safer.

Why are C R Core Drilling the best choice if you need diamond drilling at your construction site?

Simply put, we offer the expertise and professionalism that you need. We are the best choice of diamond drilling companies. Our teams are fully trained and experienced, and they use high quality equipment. We have been in this business for over 25 years, so we know what we are doing.

For more information about diamond drilling contractors in Coventry or nationwide, contact our team today. We are happy to help.

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