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Here at CR Core Drilling we provide precision sawing and drilling for all projects large and small, throughout the area of Peterborough.  Using our diamond drilling, Peterborough based projects can employ our expert services to cut and drill through tough materials such as brick and concrete, cleanly and neatly, making sure the job you require us to perform is done safely and efficiently.

It is an established fact that diamond is the strongest mineral on earth, which means it is tougher than any other material you may need cutting through.  Not only does this mean that it will produce a cleaner cut, but the diamond material will last, without the need for replacement tools.

Unlike any other kind of drilling or sawing, the blades and other parts will not wear out when faced with tough strong materials that are needed for the construction process.  For example, brick and concrete have long been used in the construction of buildings and other infrastructure such as subways and bridges, roadways, and drainage.  When you need these materials cutting to size, or want a hole or chase creating in these materials, you want something that is ultimately stronger.  Although normal drill bits and parts can be used on smaller projects, these will eventually become blunt or damaged over time.  Therefore, for larger jobs and deeper drilling requirements, to penetrate the material without causing splintering or cracking that will produce weaknesses in the overall structure, you should come to the best diamond drilling services, Peterborough can rely on.  Not only that, but we can produce results at high speed, meaning the job will be quicker overall than when using standard tools and machinery.

Our rig is stable enough to cut at whatever angle required.  For example, we can cut at a diagonal, horizontally, vertically and even perform inverted drilling when you need it on the underside of any structure.  Our expert equipment is also vibration free, which makes our diamond core drilling, Peterborough customers need, a safer method of operation as it won’t compromise the stability and strength of the material being cut, or any other buildings situated around.

Our diamond drilling contractors Peterborough companies can call on have the experience and training needed to operate these technical pieces of machinery to get the right results for your project.  Whether you ask us to become part of the team to complete multiple jobs throughout the project, or you just need us to come for a single job that can be completed in a day, we are the contractors for you.

For any underfloor systems, such as lighting, heating, or plumbing, our floor chasing is the perfect choice.  When the concrete base and flooring is already laid, and the outer construction of a building is underway, the last thing you need is for the foundations of your structure to be damaged or compromised.  With our precision cutting, you can have the confidence that we can produce the exact measurements and results you need, no matter what.

For more information on our Peterborough diamond drilling services, contact us today.

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