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Floor Chasing In Northampton


Floor chasing is one of the specialist techniques we offer here at C R Core Drilling.  What is concrete chasing, and how does it differ from concrete sawing?  What are the benefits of employing the services of a professional concrete chaser for your project?

Professional High-Quality Floor Chasing

Creating openings in concrete surfaces for doors, windows, and structural components is a simple matter for professionals with experience in using high-quality concrete sawing tools.  Diamond tipped saw blades cut into the surface of the substrate until they cut right through.  The saw can then be moved backwards or forwards, to make a cut as long or short as is needed.  To create an opening in a block of concrete, it is important to use a saw blade that has sufficient radius to cut right through the material, otherwise the cut you make will be nothing more than a narrow trench.

In other circumstances, cutting a narrow trench may be just what the operator is hoping to achieve.  By using a saw blade which only penetrates the concrete to a set depth, the surface of a block can be cut while the inner part remains intact.  This is the principal behind concrete chasing.

But why would it be desirable to cut into a concrete or masonry block without cutting right the way through?  When modifying a structural component, say, the wall of a building, it is vital to consider how the work will affect the strength of the component.  The more material which is removed, the more the properties of the wall will be compromised.  Cutting right through a load-bearing wall simply to install a recessed light fitting is clearly a wasteful way of working.  A better way is to create a channel in the surface, cutting only as deep as is necessary, and install the hardware in the cavity.

Diamond Concrete Chasing Service

Diamond concrete chasing is the process of making such channels, or ‘chases’, using diamond tipped saw blades.  Two blades are set up in parallel with a fixed distance between them.  These are then use to make two parallel cuts in the concrete, which can be adjusted for length and depth.  It is then a simple matter to use a powered hammer or drill to remove the material between the cuts.  Hand sawing techniques can be used to achieve the perfect size and shape if necessary.  This is a very safe and efficient way of quickly creating precisely proportioned recesses in solid material.

By using the process of floor chasing, Northampton area engineers can create trenches in concrete plinths, floors and roads.  Channels for pipes, drains, heating hardware, cabling, and more can quickly be opened up, right where and when you need them.  And since our saws always create nice clean, straight edges, filling in work to mask the incision is quick and easy too.  Chases can also be opened in walls and other surfaces, while dust extraction equipment keeps the whole process convenient and free of unnecessary mess.

To see the kind of work we do, please browse our gallery.  To specifically enquire about our concrete chasing service, contact our team today.

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