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Diamond Drilling Services In Northampton


For construction, demolition, civil engineering, or utility works, diamond drilling remains the solution that is accepted industry-wide to produce consistent, high-quality results under a vast range of conditions.  This has led to the methods involved in the process being developed to the point where they are on a par with any other practices in the building trade, both in terms of professionalism and in issues like environmental impact and health and safety.  At C R Core Drilling, we are thoroughly committed to upholding these high standards and promoting best practices on every job we undertake.  For a full range of services from experts in diamond drilling, Northampton developers and engineers should make us their first call.

Materials such as concrete and brick are used in construction because of their hardness.  It, therefore, stands to reason that special techniques are required to accurately and safely work these materials, especially when it is necessary to do so in situ.  Techniques we specialise in include:

Standard Drilling

Like a workshop drill cutting a precision component in metal or wood, our high-speed equipment is designed to make light work of even the toughest surfaces.

Horizontal Drilling and Angled Drilling

By using sturdy, adjustable rigs, drills can be made to cut into the substrate at any angle desired.  This technique is especially useful when installing pipework, where flow due to gravity must be maintained.

Inverted Drilling

That’s right, our engineers can even drill upwards!  When holes are needed in the bottom of a component, or access from above is restricted, we can anchor our drilling rig to the underside of the material and achieve the same fine results.

Stitch Drilling

Most of our equipment is designed to drill holes of up to 600mm in diameter (although we can drill larger cores under certain circumstances – contact us to learn more).  When large, or irregularly-shaped, openings are required, we can use an overlapping ‘stitch drilling’ technique to remove as much material as is needed, with an extremely high degree of precision.

All diamond concrete drilling techniques boast a number of important advantages over alternative methods.  Diamond core drills spin so fast, they are virtually vibration-free, which means damage to surrounding structures is avoided, and the disturbance to any personnel in the area is greatly reduced.  We all know how noisy industrial pneumatic drills can be!  Diamond drilling also produces the cleanest, most accurate results.

Depending on the application and the surrounding circumstances, a wet or a dry drilling setup will be used.  When wet drilling is employed, the water used to cool the system also has the effect of preventing dust from escaping into the environment.  Of course, even when dry drilling is necessary, professional diamond drilling companies like ours have measures in place to prevent worksites from becoming contaminated.

Since diamond drilling and cutting is such a highly specialised discipline, it makes sense to call in the professionals and get the job done right.  At C R Core Drilling, we offer a full range of diamond drilling services performed by trained and experienced engineers.  Contact our team to find out more.


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