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Concrete Sawing In Northampton


When you need openings with straight, smooth edges in wall and floor surfaces, hand tools simply won't be able to deliver the quality of results you need.  Most projects only require a few of such cuts to be made, so it isn’t worth employing a team member solely to take care of this part of the job.  And even if you believe it would prove cost-effective to invest in powered floor sawing equipment, it will take a great deal of time and ongoing practice to be able to consistently get what you need from your new gear.  That’s why companies like C R Core Drilling exist, and we specialise in concrete sawing services, along with diamond drilling and concrete chasing.

Concrete sawing can be used to cut door and window openings in walls, make channels for the installation of services and safely and conveniently remove part of a component without affecting the integrity of the remaining material during demolition or remodeling.  Because if the large, powerful pieces of equipment are involved, this kind of work shouldn’t be attempted on any significant scale by anyone who has not been thoroughly trained.

In order to offer a complete concrete sawing service to our customers, the variations we have expertise in include:

Floor Sawing


Since most foundations, floors, and plants, and bases for bridges, tunnels, masts and towers, and other structures and made of vast amounts of concrete, it will come as no surprise that our floor sawing service makes up a large proportion of the work we do here at C R Core Drilling.  By using large diamond-tipped circular saws, we can create straight, deep cuts, trenches, and chases, as well as cutting holes for inspection points or other purposes.  Internal combustion and 3-phase electrically powered saws are available for work in various environments.

Track Sawing

For very large-scale or high precision cuts, tracking rigs can be used to guide the saw to exactly where it needs to be.  Using tracks allows us to cut with absolute accuracy, forming perfect shapes and avoiding obstacles that may be embedded in the substrate.  Tracks can also be attached to walls and other upright surfaces, making it possible to shape the concrete as an artist sculpts clay.

Hand Sawing and Cut-Off Sawing

Any project usually only requires a few large cutting operations to achieve the needed structure.  On the other hand, there can be a multitude of smaller jobs to complete in the same area – for example, an inaccessible part of a surface which must be removed to allow wiring to be installed, the ragged edge of an old plinth which needs ‘neatening up’, or a row of old concrete bollards which must be removed.  Hand sawing techniques allow our operators to get right in there and perform precise cuts which would be impossible with larger tools.  Meanwhile, cut-off sawing makes it easier to deal with irregularly-shaped objects and to quickly get rid of excess material which is causing an obstruction.

To partner with the local experts in concrete sawing, Northampton customers can contact our team today.

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