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Are you looking for diamond core drilling? Kettering clients will not find a better choice than our team of experts at C R Core Drilling. We provide a full range of specialist services for all types of construction projects. With our excellent reputation for high quality work, great customer service and competitive prices, we are without a doubt the best choice for your projects.

We have been providing construction solutions for all types of building projects and siteworks for over 25 years. This means that not only do we have the right machinery and equipment to carry out the work you need, but we also have the type of experience and expertise that can only be achieved through working on countless projects, working in all types of construction industries and with a wide variety of different customers. We also have an excellent reputation for health and safety. It is this high degree of professionalism and expertise that gives our customers the peace of mind that they are dealing with the industry experts.

We are the diamond drilling contractors Kettering customers need for their construction project. As the name suggests, we provide diamond drilling. Diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet – on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which goes from 1 to 10, this hardwearing carbon structure rates a 10, and with good reason. It is hard to scratch, let alone break, a diamond. Therefore, it is the best choice for high speed, precision drilling. The diamond tip on our drills is used to cut through all types of construction materials, including concrete and brick, with ease. If you need a single hole boring through material, for laying cables or sinking piles for example, we can provide the size of hole that you need. If you need a larger or irregular opening creating, we will use stitch drilling, which is where a line of overlapping holes is created to remove the materials that are in the way. Our methods are highly versatile, so whether you need standard, inverted or horizontal drill work, we are available to get the job done.

As well as the precision we provide, the other major advantage to choosing us for the diamond drilling Kettering customers need is that we provide a hassle free service. Diamond tipped tools work quickly, even in the hardest of work surfaces. They also rotate so quickly that they produce far less vibration and waste materials, which means less disturbance for your neighbours and less damage to surrounding areas. If appropriate, we provide a wet drilling service, in which water is pumped in to cool the work site – as well as cooling and speeding up the work, this has the added advantage of preventing dust contamination on site. Of course, if this is not appropriate on your site, we have other methods to reduce contamination.

If you are looking for the best diamond drilling services Kettering has to offer, look no further than our expert team. We are ready to provide all you need for your worksite in Kettering. Diamond drilling services are our speciality, contact us today to enquire about how we can help you.

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